Paintball at Flags and Wheels is the perfect indoor activity for your next birthday or group party. Are you scheduling upcoming birthdays, group parties, or corporate events? Then look no further than the fast, competive and paintless fun of Reball!

After many long hours of cleaning, and the addition of some new carpet, our paintball activity now uses reballs. Instead of balls filled with paint, these reusable, paintless balls are the ammo of choice at Flags and Wheels. No paint means no mess. Don’t worry, the rules and the equipment are still the same, which means group parties are just as competitive and fun!

Jump into a real-life video game with paintball/reball at Flags and Wheels. The 3,500 sq. ft. indoor paintball/reball arena isn’t for the faint of heart. Paintball is a great way for group parties to enjoy a competitive sport while taking some aggression out! Be warned though, paintball is for the macho. Even though we’re not using paintballs as ammunition, the reballs still sting when you get hit!

We use Tippmann Custom 98 paintball guns firing rounds at 200 fps. Our 3,500 sq ft arena can handle up to 20 players at a time and we provide all equipment needed to play for one package price. The package includes ammunition, masks, gun, field fee, and markers for one hour. Included in our arena is also a safe staging and rest area.


Paintball/Reball (half session) $20.00 30 minutes
Paintball/Reball (full session) $25.00 60 minutes

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