Extreme Race Karts

The extreme race karts are our premier attraction and there’s a reason why.   Imagine speeding down our 27,000 sq ft race track in a 9 hp race kart that goes over 40 mph! That’s intense! Our race karts reach twice the speed of our regular go-carts and go-carts found at other facilities. Experience the indoor racing rush only at Flags and Wheels in Rapid City, SD!

Our premier race karts are powered by 9hp Honda engines. Because each cart weighs less than 150lbs, you can be sure to expect some zip in these beasts! Whether you’re ready for an indoor racing contest with family or friends, or you want to try to shave some time off of your best lap record, the race karts at Flags and Wheels are an experience that you won’t soon forget! In addition, you receive a printout of your lap times to document your bragging rights or set a base to target improvement on your next race.

Flags and Wheels is your destination for family fun. We also realize that to have the most amount of fun possible, we have to be safe. Because of the intense nature of our race karts, we require that our drivers sign a release form before they drive.

*Extreme race karts require U.S. driver’s license and parental waiver signature needed if under the age of 18. Driver weight limit of 250 lbs. Helmets and socks are provided.


Race Karts $17.50 7 Minutes

Release Forms

Release Form

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