Lazer Tag

Are you ready to mobilize your friends and take on the lazer tag challenge at Flags and Wheels? Our lazer tag system is great for anyone looking for a fun game of competitive action but a less intense experience than paintball/reball at Flags and Wheels.

Our customizable lazer tag system can handle up to 12 players at any one time while playing in a 2,500 sq ft maze, which makes it perfect for birthday parties and small group events. Players navigate our neon fluorescent, fog-filled maze illuminated by black lights as they battle each other for victory. Each lazer tag game lasts a total of 10 minutes, which means there’s plenty of time to change your strategy or retaliate against your foe!

Each game is scored by computer with end of game results listed on a wall monitor for individual and team points and shooting accuracy, which is great for group events. Because each game is customizable, we have the ability to create a variety of games, including:

  • Free-for-all
  • Team vs. Team
  • Multiple Team Match
  • And More!

Take your next birthday party or group event to the next level with lazer tag at Flags and Wheels! Call us today at (605) 341-2186 and get the ball rolling for your next group event or birthday party at Flags and Wheels, the premier indoor amusement and attraction park in the Black Hills!

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Lazer Tag $7.50 10 minutes
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